How We Manage Our Watershed Lands

The Mt. Tamalpais Watershed is one of Marin's most valuable natural resources as it is the major source of domestic water for our customers. We believe that the best way to assure high water quality is to keep the lands in a natural condition, which means limiting use by people to activities that have the least impact on the watershed. Within certain constraints, permitted activities include hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, and picnicking. Camping, swimming, and boating are prohibited.

Caring for nature, managing visitors, and involving the public in watershed stewardship are the central tasks of our rangers, natural resource specialists, and watershed maintenance staff. Their responsibilities include protecting resources, managing fire risks, assisting visitors, monitoring plants and animal populations, restoring natural habitats, and maintaining access roads and trails. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a critical role in maintaining the scenic beauty and biological richness of the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. From improving trails, restoring habitat, and protecting threatened animals, MMWD has a variety of volunteer opportunities available to match your skills, interests, and available time. To learn more, click here.
Red Flag Warnings
During times of increased fire danger due to weather conditions, MMWD will close the Mt. Tamalpais watershed to vehicle traffic and suspend land use permits.

Please call the watershed closure information line for the latest updates: 415-945-1195

Report an Issue on the Watershed
If you see something on the Watershed that you think should be reported to MMWD staff, please use this form.