MMWD Rebates Get Paid to SaveBigger Toilet and Clothes Washer Rebates Are Here!

Replacing older toilets and clothes washers with new high-efficiency models is an easy way to trim your water bill and help conserve our precious water resources. We'll even pay you to make the switch!

Please note: Our new toilet and clothes washer rebate program started July 1, 2015. Only toilets and clothes washers purchased on or after July 1, 2015, are eligible for a rebate.

Five More Ways to Save

Up to $50 Each, Up to $250 for All Five

Get paid to save with five new rebates from MMWD! For a limited time, we’re offering residential customers rebates up to $50 each for the following products:

  • Pool covers
  • Hot water recirculating systems
  • Organic mulch
  • Laundry-to-landscape system components
  • Rain barrels
Pick and choose the product categories that make sense for your home, and purchase one or more for a total rebate of up to $250 for all five.

See complete details and download an application form.

Irrigation Improvement Rebate for Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation Customers

MMWD's Irrigation Improvement Rebate encourages water efficiency improvements at commercial and multi-family sites. Install qualifying irrigation equipment and receive a rebate up to $1,500 per irrigation meter! Learn more.
California Offering Turf Replacement Rebates

As of August 12, 2015, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is offering a statewide residential turf replacement rebate program for single-family households. Receive up to $2 per square foot when you replace your thirsty lawn with water-efficient landscaping. Apply now to reserve funds. Funding reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis for up to $2,000 per household while funds last.

For complete details and to reserve your rebate, visit

Among other program requirements, you will need to provide a copy of your most current water bill. You can download a copy of your MMWD bill using our Online Bill Pay portal, or contact Customer Service at 415-945-1400. (Note: Setting up an account through the Online Bill Pay portal to view and print your bill will not require you to use the online payment system for bill pay or e-bill notification.)

To assist you in choosing plants for your turf replacement project, MMWD has provided a list of low-water-use plants.