Irrigation Improvement Rebate for Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation Customers

Up to $1,500 per irrigation meter

MMWD's Irrigation Improvement Rebate encourages water efficiency improvements at commercial and multi-family sites. Install qualifying irrigation equipment and receive a rebate up to $1,500 per irrigation meter!

How Do You Get a Rebate?
  • Before starting your project, call MMWD at 415-945-1527 to schedule an irrigation check-up at your property.
  • During the irrigation check-up, work with a MMWD Water Conservation Specialist to review your irrigation system and determine the best use of rebate funds at your site. MMWD staff will provide you with an application form and measure landscaped areas for use in generating weather-based water budgets for irrigation meters. 
  • Complete the irrigation upgrade work approved by MMWD during the irrigation check-up.
  • Once all qualifying irrigation equipment is installed and operational, complete the application form and mail it to MMWD. Include the original, itemized receipts/invoices showing you have paid in full for all irrigation equipment. All work must be completed and the application form must be returned to MMWD within 90 days from the irrigation check-up date.
  • MMWD will contact you to schedule a brief inspection to verify installation.
  • After successful completion of the inspection, a rebate check will be mailed to you, as long as program funds are available.
Important Notes
  • This program is for potable commercial or multi-family water meters dedicated to landscape irrigation only. Single-family residential and mixed-use meters are not eligible. Recycled water services are not eligible.
  • Qualifying irrigation equipment must be purchased on or after July 1, 2015 and approved by MMWD in advance. Rebate is not retroactive.
  • New construction or expansion of landscaped area does not qualify.
  • If MMWD’s Landscape Plan Review Requirements apply, rebate will be paid only when all Landscape Plan Review Requirements are met, as long as funding is available.
  • Program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis while funds are available.

The Fine Print
Please carefully review all program Terms and Conditions.

Qualifying irrigation equipment list
Example contractor invoice