Construction Updates

If you have questions about any district construction projects, please contact MMWD's Engineering Division at 415-945-1560.


Ross Reservoir

Ross Reservoir is a 1 million gallon potable water storage facility that was built in 1927. It currently provides treated water for approximately 20 percent of MMWD's service area. The reservoir is located on a hillside north of Phoenix Lake.

A substantial landslide in the watershed is threatening to undermine Ross Reservoir. The purpose of the Ross Reservoir Landslide Repair Project is to stabilize the landslide and remove the threat it poses to Ross Reservoir and the surrounding area.

MMWD April 2019 - Present:  Almonte - 75% Complete

MMWD will install new pipelines in various streets including Rosemont Avenue, Greenhill Road and Almonte Boulevard in the unincorporated communities of Almonte and Homestead. Learn more.