The Mt. Tamalpais Watershed is one of Marin's most valuable natural resources, providing and protecting the major source of domestic water for Marin residents. Besides this primary purpose, the watershed is held in trust as a natural wildland of great biological diversity, as scenic open space, and as an area for outdoor recreation for Marin and much of the Bay Area.

Over the past century MMWD’s commitment to watershed management has helped to preserve the natural environment of Mt. Tamalpais. But mounting environmental pressures such as invasive species and climate change know no jurisdictions.
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Established in March 2014, the TLC brings together the resources, talents, and philanthropy of the four agencies responsible for the management of Mt. Tamalpais (National Park Service, California State Parks, Marin Municipal Water District, Marin County Parks) and the conservation nonprofit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The partnership grew out of a history of public stewardship of Mt. Tamalpais and earlier collaborative efforts, including a plan by MMWD to create a nonprofit “Friends” organization for the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. The collaborative supports conservation, stewardship, and public enjoyment of the nearly 10 square miles of local, state, and national parklands that encompass the Mt. Tamalpais region.  

The TLC's mission is to develop and implement projects and public programs that:
  • Promote resource management and preservation;
  • Increase community support, volunteer engagement, and educational opportunities; and
  • Enhance visitor experiences. 
The goals of the TLC are to:

  1. Preserve and restore the natural, historic, and scenic resources of Mt. Tamalpais.
  2. Improve the understanding and appreciation of Mt. Tamalpais and adjacent protected areas by the visiting public and nearby communities.
  3. Connect the public to the value of Mt. Tamalpais and the conservation of watershed resources through educational programs, interpretive materials, seminars, convenings, volunteerism, and philanthropy.
  4. Improve the enjoyment of parklands, the watershed, and other protected areas by the visiting public.
  5. Provide for a more seamless visitor experience across MMWD, county, state, and national park lands.
  6. Enhance existing or develop new plans, programs, services, materials, and activities to enable a range of interpretive, educational, and visitor experiences, and improved visitor facilities on Mt. Tamalpais and adjacent protected areas.
  7. Facilitate cooperative research and resource management initiatives and disseminate findings to the public.
  8. Promote, advance, and secure philanthropic donations, government grants, and other sources of funds to increase resources of the collaborative.
  9. Promote, advance, and secure volunteer support.
Each of the partners will develop lists of projects and programs on their own lands as well as possible collaborative projects that cross boundaries, all consistent with TLC’s goals. The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy will develop and implement fundraising programs to support the projects and programs.

MMWD will ensure that planned visitor improvements are compatible with MMWD's primary mission to deliver drinking water, as well as its plans, policies, operations, and safety and security requirements. Projects within or affecting MMWD lands, or for those in which the district will participate, will require advance approval of the MMWD Board of Directors.