Water Watch

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Water Production

Week Ending
Average Million
Gallons Per Day

Average Gallons
Per Person Per Day (1)

4/20/2017 15.22 81.83
Same Week in 2016
18.46 99.25
Supply Source:
          Same Week in 2016
          Russian River
          Same Week in 2016

Creek Releases (2)

Week Ending 4/20/2017
Average Million
Gallons Per Day

Kent 0.78
Soulajule 0.69


Rainfall at Lake Lagunitas (average annual rainfall is 52.65 inches)
7/1/2016 - 4/20/2017
Same period last year
Average year-to-date
Rainfall for last 24 hours
For daily rainfall totals for this fiscal year to date, please refer to Rainfall & Reservoir Data - Current Fiscal Year.

Current rainfall (95.41) is 195.27% of the average rainfall (48.86) for this date.

Current storage (79,565 AF) is 109.73% of the average storage (72,509 AF) for this date.

Reservoir Storage

Alpine, Bon Tempe, Kent, Lagunitas, Nicasio, Phoenix & Soulajule Reservoirs
(total capacity 79,566 acre-feet)

Acre-feet (3)
% of Capacity
Storage as of 4/20/2017
79,565 100.00%
Storage for this date last year
78,976 99.26%
Average storage for this date
72,509 91.13%

Daily Temperature in Corte Madera

Date High (F)
4/20/2017 72.9
Same day in 2016
1 Based on estimated population of 186,000. Includes all customer categories, including residential, commercial, institutional, and irrigation.
2 MMWD releases water throughout the year to maintain adequate flows for the fishery per our agreement with the State of California.
3 One acre-foot equals 325,851 gallons.