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Jul 27

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon

Posted on July 27, 2017 at 3:39 PM by Ann Vallee

poppy for blogMarin-Friendly Garden in Tiburon

Tiburon garden thumbnailOnce dominated by monochromatic lawns, this Tiburon landscape had all the vivacity and vigor of unbuttered toast. Inspired by the coastal plant communities of Big Sur, the landscape architect worked with a palette of succulents, grasses, pebbles and steel to transform this space into a dynamic garden that is low maintenance, drought tolerant, functional and gorgeous!

Steel banding is used to separate mulch and pebbles, giving each area contrast and a sense of place. Every inch of space is used and adopts its own personality. An expansive patio area is perfect for entertaining, while a pebbled backyard space supports active play. If rest and contemplation are your goals, a hammock beneath a small redwood grove awaits. Fresh produce is only a pebble’s throw away, as raised beds support a delectable assortment of edibles. 

Designed with an eye on reducing maintenance costs, the garden only requires a monthly visit from a maintenance crew for some minor touch-ups. The removal of the lawn has greatly reduced the need to water. All this is achieved without the loss of beauty or functionality, making this garden a definite win-win. 

Take a video tour of this Marin-Friendly garden below and scroll down for more photos. Explore more Marin-Friendly gardens at:

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 1

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 2

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 3

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 4

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 5

Big Sur Comes to Tiburon 6


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