Water Systems Operations 

Name Title Email Phone
Baccei, Michael Controls Technician I 415-945-1121
Gendron, Matt Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Worker II 415-945-1116
Smith, Austin Heavy Equipment Operator 415-945-1153
Alberini, John Senior Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Alioto, Kevin Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance 415-945-1116
Andersen, Gary Assistant Superintendent of Operations 415-945-1581
Arnold, Jean Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Arnold, Megan Controls Technician II 415-945-1132
Cuneo, Rob Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance 415-945-1116
Del Santo, Tony Corrosion Control Technician II 415-945-1582
Deras, Carlos Controls Technician II 415-945-1120
Goldstein, Glenn Mechanial & Electrical Operations Supervisor 415-945-1131
Horton, Andrew Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Tracy, Tom Backflow & Reclamation Specialist 415-9451559
Kernan, Matthew Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Klaner, Pete Mechanical & Electrical Main. Worker III 415-945-1116
Jackson, James Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Worker II 415-945-1116
Pungprakearti, Arthur Maintenance Worker I 415-945-1145
Sheffield, Matt Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Planner 415-945-1454
Spencer, Ron Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Thompson, Rick Distribution System Operator 415-945-1162
Turnham, Justin Corrosion Control Technician II 415-945-1110
Tweedie, Phil Control Systems Specialist 415-945-1117
Viviani, Nick Mechanical & Electrical Maint Worker III 415-945-1116
Westerman, Erik Superintendent of Operations 415-945-1122
White, Ron Mechanical & Electrical Maint Worker IV 415-945-1116