How do I use the Weekly Watering Schedule?
First, find which of Marin's three climate zones you live in. Then scroll down the Weekly Watering Schedule table to find the appropriate run times based on your climate zone, irrigation system—spray or drip—and plant types. The run times are for a full seven day period, so remember to divide the number of minutes by the number of days that you irrigate per week to get the watering minutes for each of your irrigation days.

Note: The run times provided are based on a two-inch-per-hour precipitation rate for spray irrigation systems, and two-gallons-per-hour per plant application rate for drip irrigation systems. Your actual precipitation or application rates may vary. Please review the Determining the Precipitation Rate document for more information.

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1. How do I use the Weekly Watering Schedule?
2. Which of Marin's three climate zones do I live in?
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