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Conservation Forms

  1. Toilet and Clothes Washer Rebate Application Form

    Use this form to apply for rebates for high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers.

  2. Conservation Assistance Program (CAP) Appointment Request Form

    Use this form to request a free onsite water-efficiency survey for your home, business, or landscape.

  3. Water Conservation Water Walk Reservation Form

    Teachers: Use this form to reserve a Water Conservation Walk (grades 3-5) field trip to the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed.

  1. Request for Water Budget Increase

    When requesting a water budget increase, use this form to verify compliance with district conservation requirements.

  2. Drought Outreach Materials

    Use this form to order free copies of stickers, posters, fliers, and other materials.

  3. Water Waste Report Form

    Use this form to report water waste incidents. All reports are confidential.