Classroom Presentations

Water Conservation & Supply

Grades 3-12
Classroom presentationLet an MMWD water expert teach your students about the water cycle, our local water supply, watershed ecology and water conservation. These fun and informative grade-appropriate classroom presentations last 30-45 minutes and can be scheduled alone or in conjunction with the “Do-It-Yourself Water Conservation” program described below. Bilingual (Spanish-English) presentations are available. To reserve a classroom presentation, please complete our online form.

Do-It-Yourself Water Conservation

Grades 3-12
Take action to save water now! An MMWD water expert will visit your classroom and teach your students how to check and improve their water use efficiency at home using a “Student Water Conservation Workbook.” MMWD will provide free showerheads and faucet aerators to replace wasteful ones, as well as a small prize to each student who completes the work. Parental assistance is necessary to complete the home evaluation work. Given the time and resources needed to deliver this program, we request teachers sign up only if they feel they can achieve at least a 50% participation rate by their students. Teachers who are willing to assign the project as homework usually have the highest participation rates. To reserve a classroom presentation, please complete our online form.