Do-It-Yourself Water Survey

The Do-It-Yourself Home Water Survey will guide you through activities to find out how to save water at your home. Follow the steps to check for indoor and outdoor leaks, measure flow rates of your indoor plumbing fixtures, evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system, and more. You can print out instructions for each step as needed, or simply access the complete Home Water Survey.
Home Water Survey Picture
To track your findings, print the Survey Form and fill it out as you work through the activities. Mail the completed form to MMWD to receive free water conservation items such as water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators to replace high-flow ones. If your home is already efficient we still want to hear from you. Mail in the survey form to receive a small thank you gift. 

If you have questions about the survey, please call us at 415-945-1520.

Thank you for your interest in water efficiency and for helping to conserve this precious resource!

Step-By-Step Guide
Do-It-Yourself Home Water Survey, Complete
Survey Form
How to Read Your Meter
How to Check Your Toilet’s Flush Volume
Irrigation Checklist