Water Supply Planning

Water Resources Plan 2040

MMWD's Water Resources Plan 2040 is now available.

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

MMWD's 2015 Final Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is now available. The Board of Directors adopted the plan at its meeting on June 7, 2016.

Topics Covered

  • Existing water supplies and transmission system
  • Projected water demands in the MMWD’s service area over the next 25 years
  • Projected water supplies available to MMWD over the next 25 years, the reliability of that supply, and general plans for water supply projects
  • Current and planned water conservation activities
  • A water shortage contingency analysis
  • A comparison of water supply and water demand over the next 25 years under different hydrological assumptions
    • Normal year
    • Single dry year
    • Multiple dry years