MMWD is governed by a five-member board of directors, with each director elected to represent one of five geographic areas. The board appoints a general manager to supervise all district operations.

Finance: FY20 and FY21 Budget Summary and Highlights 

On June 18, 2019, MMWD's Board of Directors adopted the operating and capital budget for fiscal years 2019/20 (FY20) and 2020/2021 (FY21).

The budget is comprised of $105.2 million in FY20 and $107.9 million in FY21, for a two-year total of $213.1 million. Combined expenses for FY20 and FY21 include operating expenses of $169.8 million (including $20.5 million in debt service expenditures) and capital and Fire Flow projects of $43.3 million. Combined projected revenues for FY20 and FY21 include: water sales of $164.8 million, other operating revenues of $6.4 million, and fire flow fees of $9.0 million. Capital projects will be almost wholly funded through a Capital Maintenance Fee (CMF) producing $16.5 million in each FY20 and FY21 for a total of $33.5 million (assuming an indexed 4% for inflation in FY21). 

Included in these budgets is an additional $1 million annually in funding, generated by the CMF, dedicated to watershed fire protection/fuel management needs. Benefits of this action include: 

  • Securing long-term funding for fire protection, beyond routine vegetation management work 
  • Ensuring an additional $200,000 of capital equipment purchases are maintained (i.e. excavator replacement, fire apparatus, forestry equipment) 
  • Allowing for a significantly increased investment above what would be achieved with the currently proposed 4% rate increase to the operating budget 
  • Meeting target investments for Biodiversity Fire and Fuels Integrated Plan
Other highlights of the budget are: maintaining a strong commitment to Water Conservation with almost $1 million dedicated to conservation initiatives; refurbishing the Smith Saddle Tanks; replacing significant pipeline projects on Sir Francis Drake, 3rd Street in San Rafael, and Bolinas-Fairfax Road and 8 miles of pipe through our Fire Flow program.

The District continues to assess work processes and procedures to identify opportunities that create operational efficiencies. The District’s authorized full-time employee position count for FY20 and FY21 remains at 240, a decrease from the high of 266 employees in FY10. 

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