Entitlement Purchases & Increases

Entitlement Increase

Prior to considering an increase to your entitlement, every effort should be made to reduce the water use at the site through efficiency improvements; this is often the most cost-effective method of reducing the water bill. If, however, it is deemed necessary to increase the entitlement, two means of doing this are available:
  • Purchasing additional entitlement
  • Transferring entitlement from another eligible meter under certain conditions.
Note: An increase in the water entitlement for a service, either from transfer or purchase, does not automatically result in an increase in the water budget. Specific efficiency requirements must be met and verified by MMWD as set forth in the district’s Water Conservation Code before the district will consider granting an increase to the annual water budget. Please see "Request for Water Budget Increase" for more information.

If your annual water use is exceeding your water budget, and if your water budget is less than your entitlement, you may request to have your water budget re-evaluated.

Mixed Use Meter

For mixed-use meters, a site inspection will be required to ensure the interior plumbing fixtures meet the efficiency requirements of the district’s Water Conservation Code and the irrigation system and landscaped area meet specific efficiency criteria.

Dedicated Irrigation Meter

For dedicated irrigation meters, a landscape planting plan and irrigation design plan must be submitted for review in accordance with the landscape plan review process.

Entitlement Purchase

Entitlement purchases are handled through our Engineering Department. It is a one-time fee and can be either paid in full at the time of purchase, or, in some instances, a payment schedule can be arranged.

Entitlements may be transferable when meeting certain district requirements, which differ depending on if the entitlement to be transferred was originally purchased or was based on historic water use.

To begin the process to purchase or transfer water entitlement, see our Water Service Checklist.