Eco-Friendly Garden Tour

May 4, 2019 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Share your garden on the 2019 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour and inspire others to learn about environmentally friendly gardening practices. Contact us at or by phone at 415-945-1520 to nominate a garden. 

About the tour 

This free, self-guided tour highlights environmentally friendly gardening practices that reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources and create healthy, productive landscapes that are also beautiful. MMWD is excited to partner with the Sonoma County Water Agency and North Marin Water District to showcase gardens in Sonoma and Marin that demonstrate these objectives and so much more. Additional information about the Eco-Friendly Garden Tour, including photographs of gardens featured on previous tours, is available at:

Sharing your garden

The Eco-Friendly Garden Tour provides a great opportunity to share your garden and inspire members of the community to learn about environmentally friendly gardening. Garden hosts share their gardening knowledge and answer questions on tour day. We ask garden hosts to be on site during tour hours and to have their gardens in “showcase condition” on tour day so visits are inspirational and safe for everybody. We will assist you with obtaining volunteers to help greet guests at your garden on tour day. The 2019 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour Host Guidelines provide additional information about what to expect as a garden host. 

Thanks for your interest in the Eco-Friendly Garden Tour! 


2019 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour Host Guidelines


Contact us at 415-945-1520 or
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