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1. What is backflow, and how does it occur?
2. How often do backflow events occur?
3. What is a cross-connection?
4. What is a cross-connection program?
5. What are some examples of hazards at my home that need to be protected with a backflow assembly or device?
6. What is a backflow prevention assembly and which one is best to install?
7. Does having a backflow preventer at my meter mean that my home/business is protected?
8. Will installing a backflow preventer affect the water pressure in my home?
9. Why can't my backflow assembly be installed below ground?
10. Why must I have my backflow assembly tested annually?
11. What happens if I do not have my backflow assembly tested and maintained as required?
12. Who is authorized to test my backflow assembly?
13. How will I know if it is time for me to test my backflow assembly?
14. Why can't you send the notice to test directly to the tester?
15. Why do I have a backflow assembly and my neighbor does not?
16. I have a well that is not being used. Is a backflow assembly necessary?