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1. What are your office hours?
2. I have a high bill. How do I determine if I have a leak?
3. How do I read my meter?
4. Can I pay my bill automatically?
5. Can I pay my bill online?
6. How can I determine if my payment was received online?
7. I need to update my credit card information, but I have auto-pay on the old credit card. What do I do now?
8. What other online services do you offer, besides bill pay?
9. What is the new account service charge?
10. What is the meter service charge?
11. How can I avoid paying the security deposit?
12. When will I get my security deposit back?
13. I had a leak repaired. Can I get an adjustment on my bill?
14. Do you have a payment plan?
15. Can you tell me where my water meter is located?
16. I have a leak in the pipe between my meter and my house. Will MMWD fix it?
17. What is my water pressure?
18. Why did you change my meter?
19. My meter box is full of murky water. How do you read the meter?
20. My meter is buried with dirt. How do you read the meter?
21. Can water meters over register or record more water than is actually used?